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I agree with midi. How bad & frequent are your palpitations? Magnesium is known to improve heart palpitations greatly. You should do some research. If they are not life threatening (most are harmless), you probably can discontinue the Atenolol.
Your chronic pain and anxiety related problems will keep your blood pressure elevated. Some antidepressants also cause blood pressure increases. I am surprised the beta blocker did not bring your blood pressure down. Has it helped the palpitations? The beta blocker should be fully effective within one or two weeks after starting your therapy. If the optimal results are not achieved within this time frame, you'll need a dosage adjustment or a change in medication. To start with, a low dose of two antihypertensives, such as a diuretic and an ACE inhibitor, would be ideal for lowering blood pressure. You don't say how high your blood pressure is with the current treatment. If you are taking any medication for your other problems, it may reduce the effectiveness of your beta blockers. The NSAIDs which are often prescribed for chronic pain will impair the antihypertensive effects of Atenolol. Some drugs, such as Clonidine can reverse them completely. Perhaps that's why you haven't seen any blood pressure decrease. You should have. A normal dose of Atenolol for hypertension is 50-100mg a day.

I hope you'll get this sorted out somehow.