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Clonidine is another drug that will cause a brain fog. I remember being late for a Dr's appointment because I couldn't find the Dr's office which is close to the main street in our little town. I had been there so many times since diagnosed with HBP. On top of it the nurse chewed me out. I was so surprised that I couldn't find the office that I didn't know what to say. That's when I realized that I had to get off of Clonidine & that I shouldn't be driving in the first few hrs of taking that drug. My husband would get so upset cause I refused to sign anything or make any important decisions until the Clonidine Fog lifted about 3 hrs after taking it. The day he had his Heart Attack he went stomping & yelling down the stairs after lunch, saying I had to get off that drug.As you know it was a long battle with my Dr. & my body to get off Clonidine. Fam