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Im new to this forum but I have a question reguarding my BP med. Im given Clonidine (Oral) .3 up to 3 tabs a day. We tried a coulple other drugs with no results. I did about 1 year ago make a trip to the ER with my heart racing I thought I was having a heart attack or something.. Turns out when I got there they shook me off until they put me on a monitor and checked my BP. My heart apparently was in "A fib" and racing like no tomorrow. Boom im back with a doctor and away we go. IV's and what not..

Ok, Heres my question. Since this life altering event (im 28) I switched to Clonidine due to the failure of other drugs. This stuff makes me urinate like crazy. It makes me sleepy and it seems my BP really changes alot.. Is there somthing else I can take to keep my BP from jumping around that is just as potent on BP?
I took Clonidine for about 2 yrs. It's a pretty complicated drug & not one I would wish on my worst enemy which I hope I never have. Here are the cons:

1.) You will have to take more & more of the drug to get results until you reach the point of no return & have to chose another drug.
2.) It took me two months & two tries to get off this drug & I only took 0.1mg twice a day. It has severe withdrawal which could cause a heart attack or stroke.

3.) It can cause sleep problems which increases b/p in the end according to my sleep study Dr. There is a research study to prove it.

4.) It can have a paradoxical effect in some people. This means it increases b/p instead of decreasing it. I think that happened to me.

5.) The first few hrs after taking it, one's thinking is impaired which leads one to wondering what are the long term effects on the brain. Be careful with driving. If possible, wait to take the drug once you get to where you are going. That's what I had to do.

It is good in an emergency, since it brings down the b/p quickly when needed. Of course, bringing the b/p down too quickly can trigger an stroke as it may loosen a plaque.

What about a diuretic? I'm on a diuretic & Labetalol for a severely elevated b/p as in 230/120- highest reading. What are examples of your b/p reading. Fam