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Beth is right on target, you could be DOD at the ER especially with some of the more potent b/p meds such as lebatalol & clonidine. In fact my Dr. was really cautious RX them. She had me call her a few times to see what my reactions to the drugs were. Also we started with a small dose. Since I was very hyperthyroid at the time, she made sure that my head was clear enough to keep track of the meds.

So it depends on the particular med & whether or not it is taken with food which will slow the rate of absorption.

Since I had very limited experience taking meds on a regular basis, it was difficult getting used to having to eat (I have to take food with my meds) & take meds. One night when I was on Inderal, I was so tired & completely forgot to take it. I woke up & was in a panic like you wouldn't believe!!!!

So what I did was get a sheet of paper & put it on my counter so I could check off each med as I took it. I don't like the pill boxes either because my damaged fingers (from Cozaar) just make it took difficult to retreive the pills plus I don't like the meds all together. I think the meds retain their potency better if they are in a regular pill bottle so I keep one bottle as a stock bottle & have one for a week's worth of pills. That way you aren't exposing the whole batch of pills (90 days worth) to the air everyday. I want my money's worth from the meds & I don't want to take meds that may not be full strength.

Can you tell how much I dislike taking meds? Oh, for the carefree days when I could sometimes sleep to noon without a concern in the world that I had to get up & take my b/p & meds. Fam