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Hi: new to this group. Has any one have any information on the use of
nitric oxide as a vasodilator ?. I looking for a way to cut down on over
medication. Having to meany bad reactions. Iam on clonidine x3 per day,
norvasc 10mg x1,hydrochlorot 25mg x1,atenolol 50mg x1, lisinopril 10mg x1,
mirtazapine x1 at bed time. This is a sleep aid for my sleep Apena.
It seems every year and new doctors want to perscripe more drugs.
These make me vary crogy and find it hard to pay attention behind the wheel
and imposible to make a good inpression for a job interveiw.
slowly losing wife and home and little of my life savings to my BPH.
zombie dude.