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You are really smart to question taking clonidine. I would first ask your Dr. why this particular drug was prescribed to you. It is often used for patients who are quitting smoking & other uses.

My experience with it was horrible. It is very difficult to get off of this drug once you are on it. I was on the lowest dose & it took two months & two tries.

It interferes with one's sleep big time even my sleep study Dr. agreed & had studies to back it up. You shouldn't be driving in the first 1-2 hrs after taking a dose cause it is hard to think straight. I couldn't find my Dr's office one time when I took it before going.

I could go on & on but I'll just give you the last important detail. It is a drug that can raise your b/p as well as lower it-this depends on the person. I think that what it was doing with me. Get the package insert from the pharmacy & read the potential side effects. Don't let them give you only the pharmacy hand out. You may have to go to several pharmacies to find one as these inserts are usually thrown out because as one pharmacy told me pts won't understand them anyhow. I was incensed at that remark.
You need a magnifying glass to read them as the print is so small.

Give us a little more info about your health & b/p.

Beth, thanks, for the endorsement-you do a good job too at informing others. For me it helps to make up a little for all the lost time & the pain involved in finding the best b/p meds.

FG, I wonder if something could be done about the package inserts. The Nurses' PDR is another good source of info. I just got a newer edition & surprise surprise more info was provided for my drugs. We really appreciate all your work as well-I know with working your free time is at a premium.

Thea, good luck. Perhaps you will have a better experience with Clonidine. If you can work & take Clonidine three times a day, then you must have a strong constitution.