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Hi Kattie,

With a b/p of 228/118 it seems you should not have to wait for possibly 4 wks for it to work. My b/p was at the level & my Dr. gave me Clonidine & labetalol which act faster. I would avoid taking clonidine because it is hard to get off of it without withdrawal symptoms.

Lebatalol would get the diastolic (2nd number) down right away which would reduce your risk of stroke etc. It is hard on the liver so I would not drink alcohol while on this drug. In very rare cases, the liver can be damaged severly. As you will find out, most of these b/p meds carry risks. Lebatalol does make one tired for the first 2 or 3 hrs after taking it.

Did the Dr. tell you that you should avoid taking in extra potassium while taking Prinivil?
The salt substitutes often have extra potassium.

When I had a tooth absess, my b/p dropped to 90/48 & I had to cut my meds in half.

Don't be surprised if your b/p returns to normal once the jaw is healed. Fam