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I have a call in to my Dr. (who is so fed up with me). I gave clonidine a try and there is no way that I can function in my life (kids, work, school) and take that med.

I have pretty much been on everything and have nasty side effects from everything I've tried. I was able to stay on cozaar for about two months until the back pain and body aches from it made me hobble around like an old lady, (I'm 41), and I was on cardizem 180 for a few weeks as well, but had some nasty headaches and irregular heart beats on it.

The only ARB I haven't tried is Micardis, so I'm wondering if it's worth suggesting that to my Dr., or I'm wondering if I should give the cardizem another try.

My bp runs about 140/95-100 unmedicated and I'm a slim non/smoker non/drinker with a history of asthma and allergies and a strong family history of hypertension.

I really felt the best on the cozaar if it just didn't cause such bad back and body pain.

My Dr. told me the last time I called him that lots of people take BP meds every day and feel fine on them - :mad: