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I question whether that was an accurate b/p since the diastolic was out of proportion to the systolic. I've given up on trying to get a accurate b/p in the medical setting.

I think you should have been given clonidine or labetalol in the ER after first letting you lie down quietly in room with pleasant music. Apparently, that used to be the policy for army recruits getting their first miltary physical. Just lying down will reduce b/p about 20 points & if you factor that with a supportive, calm atmosphere I bet no med would be needed.

Labetalol & Clonidine will start decreasing b/p in about 20 min in my experience. One important fact is that one's b/p shouldn't be lowered too fast as it could cause a stroke by dislodging a clot.

You needed some serious counseling for the anxiety. I agree with your Dr's about not going on drugs which can cause serious drug reactions in the future. Get on an exercise program (moderate nothing heavy duty), try the DASH diet for HBP. Turn your life around-you can do it. Fam