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If you don't like mental fogginess, don't EVER let a DR. give you Clonidine unless you are flat on your back & the only decisions you have to make are whether you have to go Potty or not!!!

The day that I couldn't find my Dr's office was the day I made the decision to get off Clonidine whether my DR. approved or not. It took me two tries & two months.

hi famnd and flower
thanks so much. I know how you mean with the Clonidine symptoms, I never had that med (and never will now thanks lol) but I know that scenario, I also have woken up not knowing who or where I am and that is awfully scary, takes ages to come back. I am told that can be a low adrenal function symptom to do with my hypothyroidism going on for so long. However I also suspect the Seroxat for it too.
Your garden sounds lovely Flower, mine is weeds at the moment covering lovely flowers, I have not been able to work for years, takes me time to even make it out of the house with help of others, not good. Disabled I be at the moment, have been more or less confined to the house for 2 years now.
The doc hasn't a clue. I wrote to the head of the PCT for some advice on my meds and just got back that 'polypharmacy was not a good idea' hmm. No sh** lol. I didn't flush with this niacin cos I got caught out once before lol, I bought non flushing. But I am going to leave it alone as my liver is sluggish, my whole metabolism is running on teacakes. Needs all the hlep it can get. I am diagnosed with CFS, the condition they diagnose you with when they find they don't know what is going on and you are outside their training levels. I prefer to call it hypometabolic due to years on inferior hormones causing my body to scream for the right stuff and slow down to compensate. Anyway, sorry about the rant :).
Thanks for all your good advice, I will stick with the Q10 and do away with the niacin, and try and get off the seroxat whilst boosting adrenals and taking natural thyroid hormones (pausing for breath).

lotsa luv