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Your post is familiar. I believe I've already responded to you regarding labetalol so I will give you a shorter response this time.

I'm on 900mg twice a day dosing of labetalol & 25mg of HCTZ. Fatigue is my main side of effect of labetalol. HCTZ gives me no short term side effects but I know there are potential long term side effects. I, too, have tried many drugs with serious side effects.

After much experimenting, I've finally found the best routine for me is to go with the flow. Since labetalol causes fatigue, I take my dose & then go to bed for a nap in the Am & then take it at night for my usual bedtime. I avoided this for a long time because I have acid reflux. I've found if I sleep on my left side for 1/2 the night & take my meds with pumpkin custard & a slice of cheese (not fat free), I can avoid acid reflux. At first I did have some increased dreaming but no nightmares. Now I just go to sleep. I do have 2 glasses of hot chocolate earlier plus a light salad earlier so there is probably some other food in my stomach (I have delayed stomach emptying.)

Taking HCTZ involves a whole lot of planning: increased water intake, a Gout diet, increased potassium containing foods, some salt (don't go salt free.), but I find if I adhere to my plan I don't have any problems.

The best news is that I have finally found a way to stop getting up at night to urinate. If I take my Hctz around 11-12 Noon instead of the usual morning dosing, I can sleep 6 hrs without getting up. It's been about 5 yrs since I have taken b/p meds & have had my sleep disturbed. I am estatic. I hated to get up at night!!! It's kind of funny because my two youngest grandkids just started to sleep all night too:).

With both drugs I would titrate the dose. This means you start out with a small dose & work up to the level that controls your b/p. Most people only need 12.5mg of HCTZ. I'm going to try & cut back to that. I was on Clonidine when I started HCTZ. Clonidine may have raised my b/p so now that I am off of it, I may not need it. Good luck. Fam