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U are experiencing the yeast die off. I would take a potent probiotic w/ the antibiotic that your taking like pb-8, or primal defense the ones I like also kyodophilus is not bad either. Avoid sugar and dairy it will make it worse especially sugar. The purpose of the probiotic is to restore the friendly bacteria u are killing with the antibiotic- this is essential.

There is a concentrated anti-itch cream non-steroidal that works by aveeno its comes in 2oz and 4 oz. But I like using a combination of a quality aloevera cream with clotrimazole cream, Also, Jojoba(sp.?)oil is supposed to help but never tried it. I would also change the oils u use to cook w/ to virgin cocconut oil -it has some antibiotic properties to it especially against candida but it is saturated- its what they use to make caprilic acid which is a great natural antibiotic for candida. Also, gargle w/ grapefruit seed extract if it gets in your throat.Do your research. Hope this helps.