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I know your post here is a couple of months old, but i just got to it because i am experiencing the same problem, yet--this is my second outbreak of angular chelitis. I'll tell you a brief history of myself with it just to tell ya what i've tried and been through too.

11-03: developed perleche, it spread bad, tried EVERYTHING under the sun, then i went to a doctor in January of 04. I only had to go once. this is what i got and am now using again.

Clotrimazole 1% antifungal
Hydrocortizone 2.5%

I rub in the antifungal cream about 4 times a day, in between those times i rub in some hydrocortizone 2 times a day, sometimes more. You can only use the hydro. for about 5 days, it's not good to use any more than that for various reasons, but you can use the other cream for a really long time, months if needed. i know you said that you couldn't have your testosterone level decreased so you didn't take that other stuff, hopefully this antifungal cream would not do that, and if the hydro. does that than just don't take it.

anyways, the first time i had this i started this routine and it went away in less than a week, although, i did have some dark spots at the corners of my mouth, but who cares about that, i could finally open my mouth w/o it feeling all tight again.

i've been on this again now for a couple days and the fungus hasn't spread at all, thank the Lord for that, and i think it's already starting to get better, i just hope my fungus hasn't developed a resistance to the cream from last time...i'll just get a higher dosage if it does though. but yeah, that's what i did and am doing now.

WARNING: the absolute worst thing that you can do is to put on moisterizers, or balms or anything other than an antifungal cream (which makes it not dry and reduces redness along with the hydro.) so there is no need to use anything else. The reason is because things like moisterizers and balms can just hold in the fungus and keep it there and not let it go away...which is not what ya want eh. but definitely keep using a balm on your lips except the corners....i use the brand "vaseline: lip therapy: petroleum jelly" it's awesome cuz you can use it all day long as much as you want.

i hope it works out for you somehow...i know how depressing it is...last time with mine it got so big (size of a nickle) and i wouldn't leave home for anything but my classes (and rarely then, luckily it didn't affect my grades), i can actually barely remember all of it cuz i went to another place in myself it seems...cuz i wasn't me...just a ball of depressed mush...this time it's hardly noticeable, but the tightness is rather bothersome...but don't let it get ya down...cuz stress can play a role..the happier you are, the happier your skin is.....also, don't pay attention to the stupid Vitamin deficiency thing doctors tell ya...if it's not caused by anything serious...it's probably just from irritation, and saliva plays a huge role in it cuz that's where the fungus comes from, fruit can really irritate dry lips, toothpaste left on lips too long, blah blah blah...it's a long list and i'm sure you've heard it....but i'll pray for you and i hope it all works out.

God bless and keep you,