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Hi all.

My problem is that on either side of my face, not on the cheeks but just on the side of the face, I have a bit of a red patch on each side. The one on my right seems a bit worse than the one on my left but both are apparent and it is damaging to my confidence since I am only 19. I am male and white.

I don't even know how it started but i would say they've been there for 2 years or so, maybe more maybe a bit less I guess they kinda appeared gradually but i am not sure.

I went to my doctor and he looked at it and said that the shaving area can sometimes get infected (he is vague and crap, he didnt actually say it is infected just that he would try with cream), he prescribed me Clotrimazole Cream 1% at first but this didn't do anything, I went back and he prescribed me Fucifin Cream 2% but this doesnt' seem to have worked either and it seems harder to rub in. it takes ages to blend into my skin by rubbing in, am i doin that right or do u just apply it to the area and leave it? The instructions say rub it in but they are vague.

Anyway neither cream seems to work and i'd rather have ur advice before I go back. It seems stupid but it is an embarrasing problem no one mentions it but people must be looking..it isn't that badly visible but it is annoying me!

i dont know if its just me but it seems to look a little worse if i put water on it but then back to normal when i dry my face. maybe it is just wetting any stubble I have down though?

Any advice very much appreciated, i'd like to know what it is.