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:wave: I threw all my Bras away in the 60s. Then in my 40s all of a sudden I have a D cup :eek: and have to wear one. I am allergic to latex and other rubber materials so I am limited with what I can wear. I certainally know the freedom without one but after 52 years I am pointing south :rolleyes: and I get these HORRIBLE rashes under the breasts that I have to use antibiotic ointment for. Actually, sometimes it is bacterial rash and sometimes it is candida from sweating. I use Clotrimazole (Lotrimin) for it when its from sweating, and a triple antibiotic gel when it is bacterial, and it works wonders. I Want one of those tank tops when you get them made, so sick of the Dented Shoulder look LOL! I am so glad that I am not so sensitive though except when I have a case of Shingles then forget it...I wear sleveless T-shirts. But you are right, they have no support.

"Above All Do No Harm" Love and Healing Light to All....Kovena :angel: