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A book that I have says tinea versicolor can be treated with creams containing either "azole antifungal cream" or "selenium sulfide." I just bought a tube of generic antifungal cream today for less than $2. It is called "clotrimazole," which sounds like it might work for what you have, according to that book. (I picked up ringworm from the kittens, they just couldn't keep it to themselves!) Also, the selsun blue with selenium is the selenium sulfide. So if you are patient, it sounds like you can treat it with OTC medications. They just take a lot more time than a pill, usually. Good luck.
i've been battling tinea versicolor for years - have tried selsun, zinc, clotrimazole but my fungae seem to be nuclear strength... a previous post said that TV could be due to a yeast imbalance. wouldn't that mean that a cream like Canesten would help, which is really good for yeast imbalance?
thanks guys, that's it - i'm off to the health shop to buy a big bag of probiotics, whatever they are!

plan B is to mix a bucketful of canesten, zinc, dandruff shampoo and clotrimazole and go lie in it until my skin falls off...

sorry, dark humour... easy to lose one's patience with these ongoing things, but i'll put my faith in the probiotics for now! thanx again for all your advice.

jgirl xx