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If this has already been specifically discussed, my sincere apologies. However with this in mind I shall explain my situation.

I've been involved with my partner for roughly 6 months now, and we're sexually active. However I had no sexual activity prior to said partner. She has also had some tests done to see if she had any STIs, given that she has had sexual partners prior to me. She wasn't diagnosed with any STIs, although I've been told that Herpes is not always "detectable" and as such there would be a chance that she could have it (assuming this is true).

With that said, about 2 weeks ago I noticed a bunch of small red spots had appeared on my lower stomach (just under my belly button). They almost looked like little red pimples, although with no "puss" inside, at least not as far as I could tell. I thought nothing of it, and just assumed it may have had something to do with the fact that it's very humid and I have been exercising a lot recently (I generally sweat in the lower stomach/groin area).

About a week later, it had spread to my upper groin area, with a couple larger spots, but again they were still rather small, and no blisters formed, or anything of that nature. A few days later, I noticed some raised skin in various parts of my foreskin, and I had a lot of dry skin in my entire pubic region. At one point the itching and pain from the dry skin (which caused bleeding, although not directly near any of the spots or raised areas) was unbearable.

Because of the dry skin, I figured that I would start applying zing oxide, to help the pain associated with the dryness. So far this has helped enormously, in terms of pain and dryness. However the spots and raised skin are still present. I had already spoken with my doctor (at work) and he figured it had to do with the heat. Although after speaking with my mom, she mentioned that it resembled some symptoms that can be associated with yeast infection.

This could be a possibility, given that my partner had been on antibiotics (for a urinary infection) prior to the first symptoms. So I recently purchased a clotrimazole cream to treat any potential "fungus". I'm also taking probiotics to hopefully help speed up the recovery time.

NOW this is where I need some advice. From my description does it sound like I had herpes, or would it be more attributed to a fungus, like yeast? I don't have any of the other physical symptoms of herpes, ie tingling, fever, stomach pain, etc. So am I perhaps worrying over nothing.

Any help or info that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. I thank you all for your time.
I also forgot to mention that I have various clusters of spots, in addition to the raised skin. Although none of the spots/bumps/pimples are on the shaft of the penis, all are located above the penis in the groin area.

So far, the clotrimazole has offered some pain relief, but as of yet, has not resulted in any significant results (yes it's only been one day, so I'm not complain, just figured I would give a bit of an update).