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It certainly does sound like ringworm. The scientific name is tinea capitis, which is ringworm of the skin, scalp and facial area. Ringworm is not really a worm, actually it's a fungus, and a quite common infection. It is extermely communicable, so you do not want to have any direct contact with anyone, and will also need to be careful about indirect contact as well, until it's gone.

The lesions it causes are circular, with redness and raised perimeter. The skin can be dry and scaly. Be careful - you can get a secondary strep or staph infection by scratching.

Most doctors can make a visual diagnosis, but they can also use UV light (Wood's Lamp) for diagnosis. Under the UV light, you will see a green flourescence if the infection is present.

Treatments include:

miconazole (applied to skin topically)
griseofulvin (oral).

Please see a doctor or nurse practioner to begin treatment.