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Just got on the website ucsd statin effects study. Very interesting to say the least. :bouncing: In addition to being on liptor for several years then switched to vytorin, I had a fungus on the side of my mouth and was prescribed clotrimazole and betamethasone cream (which if I'm reading the info correctly) this along with vytorin can cause adverse side effects. MAN ! Who are we, the ignorant patients supposed to have faith/trust in ? I plan to get some coq10, maybe cut back lipitor from the 40 mg. Dr. has me on to 20 mg for awhile. Does that sound like an o.k. idea ? Know I should talk this over with my Dr. but as I said, she thinks I am making up how rotten I feel and that EVERYTHING she prescribes for me I don't tolerate well (guess I don't ) Thanks again.