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I have had this symptom with my pecker for the last six month. The skin below the pecker's head appears to have a white colorless layer that I can rub/peel off. Once rubbed off, the skin appears to be normal. I went to the Urologist and he thought I had a mild case of yeast infection. He recommended over the counter creams such as Lamisil and Lotramin but they did not work. He then gave me 1% Clotrimazole & Bethamethsone Dipropionate and then Mystatin & Tramcinolone Acetonde oilment. Nothing worked! I even had a round of Levaquin as I complained of sensitive bladder and my balls sometimes were sensitive too. My wife did not get anything from me even when we had unprotected oral/intercourse. If I keep washing the pecker then it appears to be very normal, but within 8 hrs the white layer would reappear and the pecker then feels a little itchy. Have you seen this condition or you have any ideas of what I got. I would appreciate for a feel good comments.