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Sorry to hear about your treatment not working. I have tinea corporis (ringworm on the body) I thought it was eczema at first but the doctor I went to see thought it was a fungal infection so I have been using the clotrimazole she prescribed but it doesn't seem to be making a dramatic difference I have been using it nearly a fortnight.

I bought a bottle of Nizoral shampoo yesterday which is also anti-fungal to give that a try, but I am going to stick with the clotrimazole too.
I know it is frustrating. All the info I've read tends to agree that it is important to keep the skin dry, and change towels and bedding (pillowcase) regularly so as not to reinfect yourself.

Some alternative anti-fungal treatments some people recommend are grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil and Manuka high strength honey. But I am new to this too so cant say what works.