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I have had really sore feet for two week now. They are sore all over the soles of both my feet and hurt when I put pressure on them. They are also giving a burning sensation and giving an itchy, prickly feeling all over my feet (on top of the feet, on the toes, between the toes and on the soles of the feet). They are nearly unbearable when I wear any closed shoe, trainer slipper and are still hot and painful when wearing flip flops or nothing at all. I went to see the doctor and he said I had Athletes foot between two of my toes and prescribed me with clotrimazole 1% cream just for the athletes foot, I have sinced looked on the internet and seen that it can spread to the whole foot so I have started applying it to my whole foot, in the hope it will cure the problem, the the rest of my foot is of normal appearace, no blisters or rashes. Please help if you can because I have come to a dead end in terms of what to do and I moving house in two week and could do with my feet being 'normal' for that stressful time.