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Hi, this is a very embarassing and frustrating problem for me. For the last 12 months I have been having chronic skin problems on my glans, and I really don't know what else to do about it now. It's a red, patchy rash characterized by flaky dry skin, and only seems to be affecting the skin that is normally covered by my foreskin (I'm uncircumsized).

At first, I had a yeast infection that developed over the course of a month - the first doctor I went to see said it was herpes, which it clearly wasn't, test results confirmed that. The next doctor I saw said it was balanitis from thrush and prescribed me Lamisil which is Terbanifine - that didn't work at all. I eventually used a combination of tea tree oil and clotrimazole cream, which cleared the infection up quickly and allowed the skin to heal.

The skin on my glans was fine for a while, then a couple of months later it flared up again suddenly, as bad or even worse than before. I assumed it was yeast again, and treated it in the same way but this time there was no response. I went to a third doctor, who prescribed a 1% hydrocortisone cream, which worked perfectly.

I've been using the cream ever since, trying to limit usage as much as possible, but it only seems to treat the symptoms, and not the underlying cause, so whenever I stop using the cream, the symptoms slowly come back after a week. I don't have any other chronic health problems and am generally very healthy with a solid diet and lifestyle.

Can anyone help? Is there something I can take orally? I'm very open to alternative medicines as well, but haven't tried anything yet as I don't really know what would be effective, but I would consider going to a naturopath as well. I'm getting desperate.