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Quote from Alagaesia:
What kind of prescription are you using? I had a spot of fungus one time and my doctor told me to use lamisil twice a day. She also told me to wash the spot with selson blue twice a week. It cleared up in no time. If this is a chronic problem you can try a natural solution. You can try using essential lavendar oil and just rub it on once a day. Check a health store for it. Also garlic supplements are supposed to be good for killing fungus.

The prescription is Clotrimazole which I have been using twice a day. It's a generic for Lotrimin. After doing some research on different websites, I do believe it is called Majocchi's Granuloma. It can come from shaving from bottom of leg to top so it's got something to do with the hair follicles. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks for your reply.