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I've been the route. Over the last 15-20 years I've treated my suspected (getting less suspect every year) SD with EVERYTHING: Selsun 2% lotion, clotrimazole, metronidazole, miconazole, spectinazole, econazole, tinactin, Lamisil, any number of corticosteroids (which of course work to MASK the condition), oral griseofulvin for 6 months, Tinver lotion (basically slicylate + thiosulfate. I spread on yoghurt and kefir for months on end and I even tried a month of ORAL ketoconazole (not the safest of drugs...but it helped quite a bit.) I'm sure I forgot about 3 more regimens but you get the idea. :D

Finally, what began to work was twice weekly applications of Dandruff shampoo to my face in a sauna, both Nizoral (ketoconazole) and generic Zinc parathione. Trouble was both burned after 10 minutes and got in my eyes when I treated my eyebrows...Not practical.
Sometimes the redness from the treatment was worse than the redness from the SD...and it REALLY burned my skin.

I took it the next step and asked my doctor for the pricey ($60 a tube) ketoconazole cream...He raised his eyebrows and said I don't see why you don't just use Lidex...my muffled reply was unprintable. And when I added "because Nizoral shampoo seemed to work, but it burned and ketoconazole tablets also helped.. the only thing that did" he rolled his eyes. (I mentally FIRED HIM at that point...he'll find out later.)
What boiled me most were his occasional remarks like "Fungus MAY be implicated in SD and we all have these fungi on our skin...so use steroidal creams":mad: :mad: What he should have said was "I haven't a CLUE but let's keep making office visits...I'm getting rich."

After 30 days the ketozconazole WORKED, COMPLETELY cleared up...and 30 more days without a SPOT of red... and it doesn't burn. I use it after every shower and PRAY it doesn't stop working. (Sorry softcow that yours stopped working.) I filled 3 -60 gram prescriptions and am set for a couple years with sparing use. Remember this is after almost 2 DECADES of sufferering these ugly recurring blotches. At some point I will try STOPPING the lotion hoping I'm cured...with fingers crossed. If I must use it every day or every second day I can live with that forever,
I am as happy as a pig in spit.

For any sufferers who haven't yet stumbed on ketoconazole cream (generic for Nizoral), give it a try. You may be as happy as I.

How did I settle on ketoconazole...just a search for the drugs that will kill malasezzia and pitaryasis ovale...why doctor's aren't that smart I cannot fathom. It's not rocket science.

If I were you softcow, I would revert to a 15 minute per day spread of a zinc pyrathione and a good rinse...longer if you can stand the burn. Maybe after a while you'll be able to return to the ketoconazole cream with a continued good effect. I guess like any buggies worthy of the name, these fungal visitors can gain an immunity to treatment.