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I am a healthy young male (22) and I think I have a problem with dry skin; but I am not sure.

I have a patch of skin (about 2/3cm in diameter) half way along the top of my penis that is slightly red, or what could be described as pink (its quite hard to see). If I have a shower or the skin is moist then it is smooth to the touch and what look like lots of tiny thin lines, like the skin has been stretched and then gone back to original size. If its not, then it will have dry/white flakey skin that brushes off with a light touch. There is also an area to the right of it that is the same but very small.

I have had it for quite some time now, as I suspected it to be just dry skin as it has not changed in size/appearence over at least a year. However, it needs sorting out, and I suppose I am slightly worried about it.

I have gotten some cream for it (Clotrimazole Cream 1%) from the pharmacy, but I am not sure that it is doing anything for me.

I am curious to know whether the symptoms are worth seeing the doc' about? Or whether I should just keep applying moisturiser.

Edit: Also I am not currently sexually active, and I am sure I have nothing from my previous partner.

Sorry for not posting in the sexual health area, but I am not sure it applies to that?!