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Hi, I've had athlete's foot for over 10 years but the last 5 or more it has been a completely chronic condition. The first 5 was maybe spent casually treating it with things like Tinactin & Micatin [creams & spray powder]. The past 5 however has been spent cleaning my feet twice a day, ensuring they're completely dry (towel & hair dryer), applying medication & changing my socks both times. I wear socks to bed so they dont come in contact with my sheets & I've even tried alternating shoes every other day.

Other medications in the last 5 yrs have been;
-Fungi-Cure (liquid Undecylenic Acid which I've been using MOSTLY & gave me the 2nd best relief)
-Lamisil cream (terbinafine hydrochloride- to which it seems I had some kind of reaction: red bumpy blisters)
-Sporanox Capsules (itraconazole: Gave me the most relief)
-Clotrimaloze cream usp 1% (tried 2 wks ago & days later noticed the same red bumby reaction)
-& Dr. Scholl's Tolnaftae gel (followed the clotrimazole) which did not clear up the reaction at all.

Almost The entire time [about 4 or 5 yrs] I've been using Equate brand foot powder [talc, salicylic acid & methyl salicylate] & I'm wondering if it was the powder combined with the Clotrimazole and later the Tolnaftate that caused the reaction. I can't be 100% certain that I was using the foot powder during the Lamisil treatment but it seems awfully suspicious.
I'm currently back on the Sporanox Capsules starting now (July 19, 2007) & am supposed to be seing a Dermatologist in September.

I'm so tired of this ruling my life. I have 3 or 4 other mild to moderate chronic conditions but this one has gone on far too long.
My family Doctor even said he hasn't seen a case nearly as stubborn as mine. Remember, I'm VERY disciplined when it comes to treatment.

***Is it a bad idea to use the Fungi Cure (Undecylenic Acid) during my Sporanox treatment? (...or even during the 3 weeks off period) At least I'd have an internal AND external fight.***

Any suggestions? I'd greatly appreciate it.