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Other conditions you could research are Interstitial Cystitis (feels like a uti,sometmes blood, but when cultured or dipsticked, no bacteria is found). Sister conditions include vulvar vestibulitis, Vulvodynia, pelvic floor dysfucntion, IBS and Pudenal Nerve Entrapment. Just some things that are worth researching, esp if your symptoms continue after a round of antibiotics ...these conditons can cause symptoms similar to yeast, bv, or ut or kidney infections, if bacteria is not found when dipsticked or cultured. Best wishes :)
A easy and quick solution for burning after urinating is to rinse with fresh water. Also, Rx lidocaine is a numbing gel that gives great , if only temporary(3 hrs or so)relief. I carry a tube of it always and it has saved my day many times. Not hard to get an rx for if you explain to your dr why you need it. Aliso helps when applied b/f intercourse, if that causes you irrititation and burning.
Also, antibiotics are infamous for causing yeast infections, which sound very similar to what you are describing...the irritation, rawnesss, burning, even if you don't have the classic discharge. If you can tolerate OTC yeast meds, I would recommend clotrimazole (gynelotrimin), I can only find it in my area at walgreens,but some privately owned pharmacies have it or you could get an Rx for it from your dr. Monistat works well for some, but causes me contact irritation that is worse than the yeast. There is also Rx oral Diflucan....it doesn't work for me but others have great success with it...just be sure to ask your dr for more than one dose, for some reason they are stingy with it and for most people it takes more than one dose to cure the yeast. Another med sold over the counter for UTI symptoms is URistat or Azo Standard. It's like aspirin for the bladder/urethra....relieves the burning and acts as an antispasmodic for the bladder. It is also available by rx, so if you have a good rx plan, it can be cheaper than buying a box of it OTC. Urelle is available by rx only, but has an additional ingredient that helps preventsbladder/UTI infections, if you are prone to those. If I were you I'd head to the supermarket, 24 hour stores like walmart or walgreen, and get some Uristat or AZO standard and some type of yeast treatment
Take care :)