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I have had burning with urination and after urination that I have seen a doctor for 5-6 times. All std test negative. Urinalysis negative twice. All other lab works negative. I was placed intially on Septra DS while waiting for the lab results, which were negative. After I finished Septra for 10 days I went to my doctor because I had still same symptoms, and he told me it is nothing since the labs were all negative. He suggested to take some steroid cream on the glans penis to alleviate the burning. I went also to an urologist and he thought I had an anxiety issue and told me men experience such a symptoms and it is like any other inflammatory response in the body. I also had the second urine test done at his office which was negative and they even checked my bladder function via ulterasound machine after I urinated in the cup.
The third doctor gave me fluconazole and I felt good while I was taking 200mg once a day for seven days, but symptoms came back again. I have some burning pain with urination with the last drops and the skin around the glans penis burns as well. I forgot to tell that I even place clotrimazole cream on the skin for 3 weeks and that did not do anything for the burning and rash on glands penis and the orfice area. Please help.