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Your YEAST theory seems to be very interestiing for me. And I think you are doing a very good point.

Its not a coincidence with sex, because I wasnt an active person sexually before I got married. This started a few days after my bachelor party, I am very positive that sex and stress had something to do with it, because after I got married I also moved to another country, with an unknown medical system, etc. It was a very stressful time.

I have being with this 1 year already, and since then, the only thing that has worked for me are the tryciclic antidepressants to treat cronic pain, I have tried everything!!
Since then I hace also carved for sugar, much more than before (specially chocolate). And stress is very related. In the begining I had this "lookalike pimples" in the head of the pinus and very pronounced redness after having sex (very much like candida or yeast isnt it?). I also though it was herpes, so I got treated for herpes and candida at the same time (diflucan and farmvir) and the problems in my pinus desapeard, I am very sure now its not an STD.

It was only after the simptoms on my pinus went away, that I noticed the problem in my scrotum. And its since then, that I have being with this problem. I have tried Canesten (clotrimazole) on the scrotum and Diflucan at the same time for almost a month, but it didn't work. So I discarded yeast or candida.

Maybe it didnt work because of the SHRIVLE and the folds of the scrotum. Maybe medication doesnt get to it very easilly, scrotum is the thinest skin of our body, and that can complicate the hole treatment and make it longer or harder!

The things that make me doubt about this theory is that I haven't had any other problems or yeast manifestations anywhere else in my body, yeast usually manifests in many areas , dont they? and also yeasts ususally produce discharge, and I also haven't had any ever. What do you think about this NAVY?

Anyway, its the most interesting theory for me now....
I have also researched and think you could be making a point. There is many NATURAL treatments, and stuff on the internet, how should we treat it? Doctors again? more pills and creams? and for how long? This is frustrating!

Iam starting today with a more healthy diet, no sugar and much less carbs, and I ll see how it goes..

Please let me know your progress NAVYSEAL or anyone that supports this theory.

I am still interested in Metronidazole Treatment or the Neem Oil. Keep us posted about this!

Good luck all.

Hello again. I keep wandering back here to see if anyone has any magic bullets and it's really useful to read how everyone is coping with this. Just thought i'd update you on my experiences too.

Initial symptoms:
Itch or intense prickly sensation over scrotum which was exacerbated by heat and moisture which seemed to predominate in the area. I also had small white nodules appear initially which were intensely itchy. Occasionally i'd scratch the skin off one- the white material was not creamy in consistency as i'd thought but was fixed and not raised. i think this was calcium deposition that occurs after chronic inflammation. That has subsided now although the number of hair follicles in the area is also low due to all the scratching.

Following symptoms:
Subsequently i developed an intense itch and rash over my body which only responded to permethrin 5% cream, an anti-parasitic cream. This dramatically reduced the prickly penis/scrotum feeling. My blood eosinophils were also raised at the time which suggested allergy/parasite/fungus etc.

My doctor gave me miconazole-which didnt help. I also tried clotrimazole in the past and fucidin(anti-bacterial).

I then went on holiday for 6 weeks and everything cooled down despite it being very hot outside. I had residual symptoms but i could cope with them ok.

On my return, everything returned-rash, itchy scrotum-everything. I had thought it was a milk allergy to begin with but had not touched milk since the initial presentation of the rash. So my doctor has referred me to a dermatologist for allergy testing. She said the skin on the scrotum is very thin and more susceptible to contact dermatitis.

Permethrin was the only thing that helped really, in combination with vaseline, which made me think along parasitic lines. Threadworms infest the gastrointestinal tract, and emerge at night to lay eggs in the scrotal area/perineum causing intense itching although some people have no symptoms at all. You cannot see the eggs,they are microscopic.

So I thought if the permethrin kills the eggs maybe i should take the full treatment. So I took mebendazole 100mg stat. Both permethrin and mebedazole are available over the counter. Think that helped as most things do initially but have just repeated it 2 weeks later as suggested for eradication of the eggs. Apparently eggs can be found everywhere eg in bedding... so i washed and hoovered everything disposing of the collected waste immediately.

Just in case it was an allergy, i have stopped using the plastic liquitabs for washing my clothes and just use liquid. I also cleaned the washing machine drainage pipes. Not sure what else to do now except wait and see.

The only other thing i was thinking of was pseudomonas folliculitis. This is resistant to all antibiotics except ciprofloxacin. It doesnt look like it on the photos i saw so havent tried that yet. I see some people have tried metronidazole but am not sure what bug that could be treating so havent pressed for that.

Anyway, good luck to all...we're all in this together.