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In recent weeks I developed some sort of rash under my foreskin. It started as just a red patch on the left underside of my foreskin, I put that down to some sort of irritation, but then I noticed dark red speckles appearing near the urethra, I looked up the symptoms and sounded like thrush, turns out I had some clotrimazole there so I've been using that for the past 10 days. The dark red speckles near the urethra have gone, and the patch on the left isn't as deep red as it used to be but appears to be becoming larger? Also a few days ago I was experiencing pain in my penis, around the middle of the penis, maybe a little further towards the end. I'm not sure if the two are related. If it means anything, the pain seemed to be influenced by pressure on the abdomen area sometimes?

My hygiene isn't that great, and certain events have made me neglect my hygiene a little (only washed every 4/5 days for a month or so). Athlete's foot came about around the same time as this, could it have spread from my foot to my foreskin?

I'm really embarassed about going to the doctor about this, I'm well endowed so I'm not worried about that but I just can't brave up to going the doctors