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First of all I just started reading all the threads on this site about this horrible affliction. I developed what I thought was herpes (and so far tests have been negative) about a week after receiving unprotected oral sex from a women overseas. What a monumental mistake. I ended up being diagnosed with an awful case of balanitis (I am uncircumsized) which was excruciatingly painful and took 2.5 weeks or so to clear up, and when I say clear up I simply mean the constant pus and fire went away, not that I'm back to normal. Meanwhile, my balls were a bit pinkish and itchy but I didn't pay too much attention due to the fire under my foreskin. I can only assume the same plague that caused the balanitis was also growing on my scrotum, since it has turned bright burning red and continued to resist my efforts to heal it for weeks. As I said my foreskin is still messed up, and I've been using betamethasone+clotrimazole cream for weeks to keep the horrific balanitis from returning. I've tried all kinds of anti-fungal creams and I've been on 7 days of cephalexin, 10 days of doxycycline, with 2 huge antibiotic shots in thrown in for extra effect. I've also had 2 diflucan pills. I've had all kinds of STD test (so far so good, still need more to be 100%) and nothing, though I have suffered severe anxiety for weeks thinking I got herpes, HIV, you name it. I also had sore throat (just now getting better I think after 8 weeks) and other symptoms to complete the fun.

Anyway, I have a few thoughts on this stuff. First let me say that the doctors have hardly been any help, as most of you know. It doesn't fit the textbook STD case, so it must be either in your head or the usual non-infection/allergy/whatever.

1) This is a mutated super-fungus or yeast that resists drugs. These things do exist, and some people have gotten better with natural remedies and diet changes. THIS IS CONTATIOUS and will spread.

2) This is a super, drug-resistant bacterial infection under the skin that is also CONTAGIOUS to other areas of your own body. I suspect Streptococcus pyogenes (also causes strep throat, I believe) may be living under the skin, which is consistent with the oral route of transmission and also may explain the balanitis:


3) This is a dreaded new virus, though it doesn't really behave like most other viruses, even skin viruses like herpes (as you who suffer constantly know)

It is clear that there are probably different causes ranging from nerve issues to plain old jock itch reported by people on this site, but there is something else as well.

I do not believe my issue is nerve related. I have noticed it spreading toward the perineum where I beat it back with rubbing alcohol. It acts like a fire that is more easy to put out when it first spreads, but almost impossible to kill where it's been burning. The skin on my scrotum has a bright red, rough, thick, extra wrinkly, with an almost sparkly-looking rough texture (try not to laugh) and appearance with a distinct boundary that is symmetrical on both sides nearly to the base of the scrotum in the back. There is a thin strip of skin down the middle that appears normal, with distinct boundaries. It gets much worse if exposed to heat and moisture. I can only describe the feeling as being an incredibly intense burning itch, and not the kind of itch you would normally scratch. I do not scratch it at all. I have not used steroid creams on the scrotum.

I have stopped consuming all sugars as well as processed wheat, etc. in case it's yeast related. I'm trying a new month long course of anti-biotics in the hopes that will kill any bacterial infection.

Next steps are more natural remedies (tea tree oil method, etc.). IF that doesn't work, will also try a hyperbaric chamber. If that doesn't work will try laser therapy (after making sure it's safe) on both penis and scrotum. Finally, will consider circumcision b/c I never ever ever want balanitis again.

Good luck to all of you, and don't give up. I don't care if I have to march myself into a university lab and have them start doing research. The complacency of the medical community on this issues is completely unacceptable.

Ok I dont wanna jinx things either but I must admit I've had some luck.

There's a few major points I'd like to make that helped me through this:

I think this all started as increased friction in the inguinal area or groin region through cutting the hairs or running on the treadmill.

I never had a rash but had all the symptoms of jock itch or dhobie itch, but no amount of antifungal creams worked.

Yeast infections and fungal infections are treated differently. I have medical training, yes I'm a doctor, but right now I'm a patient, but none of this worked much to my chagrin: potent steroids, clotrimazole cream, terbinafine, miconazole, or erythromycin tablets. I researched around this sooo much.

I went to see a dermatologist, but the fortnight before I went all out- erythromycin, miconazole, steroids, terbinafine gel. My scrotum was red raw- really- it was so raw the penis was actually sticky I had clearly worn the skin down so much. I was showering twice a day and using ketoconazole shampoo all over my body too.

The only thing that would relieve the intense itch was crotamiton 10% (which burns but lasts long) followed a few minutes later by lanacaine(local anaesthetic) cream-this relieves the burn of crotamiton€(look in the vaginal thrush section of your drugstore). I was treating symptoms with this approach not curing the problem.

Things got so bad I was waking up for hours in the middle of the night with hot sweaty itchy stabbing burning scrotum.

I would never consider myself a stresshead, but have been totally stressed out by the itch.

My dermatologist told me it wasnt fungal. It was stress.

Stop itching the area, stop washing, stop using creams-nothing, no crotamiton, lanacaine, vaseline... nothing. Just stop it. She gave me a script of amitriptyline and tried to push my buttons to see how down or stressed I was.

Can u imagine not using any creams? I was waking every night with this- I could hardly sleep, concentrate, i couldnt even eat my dinner anymore the pain was so intense.

I remember reading something on here about chronic regional pain syndrome. THis is known by a number of different terms but the symptoms are the same:

burning sensation
hyperresponsiveness to minor stimulation
delayed pain in response to stimulation
no organic cause

Treatment- stress relief, stop touching the area.

I realised if i touched the area it would relieve the itch temporarily, when i let go it started again. This would lead to a vicious cycle. So you have to go through this barrier.

It was hard but I stopped touching it altogether and completely wrapped my underwear up in soft toilet paper to absorb any moisture.

It was hard, but the itch is 99% gone. I can sit still. Sometimes I forget I have an itch. I still wake at night with this because when I'm half asleep, I automatically touch or scratch the area, which sets things off. I'm off work today because i slept in. Felt like an idiot.

But hopefully things will gradually improve. Fingers crossed.
Sorry - correction- when i said i didnt have a rash- i didnt have the typical fungal rash.

The dermatologist said i may have at one time had a fungal infection, but clotrimazole would have taken care of it. Now I'm left with the itch-scratch cycle, CRPS symptoms.

There is no infection- as hard as it is to believe- i would never have believed that myself either -I know what people must think reading this.

All the best.. this is as hard as stopping smoking-but much more painful.