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Aveeno concentrated anti-itch small 4 oz bottle works good. Clotrimazole with a high quality aloe vera also woks good. My eczema was caused by candida albicans (yeast enfection) caused by too much sugar in my diet in this case orange juice. Dairy, sugar makes it worse also tomatoe sauce, wheat, beef can also.WE all have candida, are good bacteria keeps it in line. Anti biotics (internal) kills both are good and bad bacteria. Supplement the good w/ probiotics. Primal Defense is a very potent probiotic, which I started taking. Jojoba, I heard kills candida topically but never tried it. My 2 cents. p.s. It is said that 80% of our population have a candida overgrowth and don't know it. Eliminate dairy and simple sugars, take in lots of fiber and water and see if that helps.