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I had the same exact thing and it was caused by candida overgrowth. If it gets worse especially after certain foods like very sugary foods it probably is.To take care of it I would start taking some probiotics like pb-8 or something like primal defense (which is probably the best but start real slow like 1 capsule a d day). Go on a anti-candida diet least amount of sugar , dairy as possible and also sweating helps- anything to help sweating in that area like aerobics or sauna. I would not use antibiotics because you also kill friendly bacteria that feed on candida which probiotics are. Topically right now clotrimazole and pure aloevera together provided a temporary solution, Topical steriods work but in the long run not good. Aveno anti-itch concentrated lotion 4 oz for about 7$ was also a good temp fix. Hope this helps