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Eliminate all sugars and dairy in his diet if the skin irritation improves chance are it's a candida overgrowth that is causing the ailments. Perspiration like in a sauna, cardio, tanning bed will help to release toxins in the skin. Topical steroids will thin the skin try switching to quality aloe vera(i like NO AD) w/ clotrimazole u will get similar results- the aloe will improve the integrity of the skin. Try taking probiotic- Primal Defense starting off w/ 1 tab a week and then working up to 10-12 a day for a week. Candida die off can make symptoms temporary worse, also wreaking havoc on your liver (so don't rush the die off)and drink lots of water. An anti-candida diet is essential (no dairy,sugar-( even fruit sugar) as much as possible.)I have been following this for the little eczema that I have with slow but steady improvements.

Because of the expense of Primal Defense and being only a potent probiotic, I will be switching to caprylic acid(natural anti-biotic), pb-8(probiotic), pau-darco(immune system support), and Grapefruit seed extract- for gargling only. This is a good alternative and may even be of more help.

Hope this helps if it is Candida linked.

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