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Chances are if u have used antibiotics frequently in the past, or maintained a high sugar diet your itching could be caused by candida albicans.

Topically, a quality aloe vera w/ clotrimazole 1% works better+safer then topical steroids. Other topicals(but have not tried) coconut oil, oregano oil, petroleum jelly, misc. -saunas/sun tanning/cardio (sweating).

Internally, Probiotics(product eg. Primal Defense,kyodophilus,pb-8)w/ Natural antibiotics (eg. coconut oil, caprilic acid, grapefruit seed extract) are recommended.

Also, high doses of non-synthetic selenium, and/or Pau'd'arco are known to help.

Be careful of candida die off... start slow, drink lots of water, high fiber diet, sweat daily. Hope this helps.