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Yes! I am on an antibiotic.

This is horrible. I can't talk, smoke, or eat. I might as well just die. lol.

I've been using chloroseptic throat/mouth spray, Orabase, and Tylenol w/Codeine.

Would hot water and salt work ok? It BURNS SO MUCH!! Will it help speed up the healing process at all?

I'm gonna look into mouth rinses you mentioned. Thankyou!
Yes, rinsing your mouth with salt-water will help speed up the healing process! Use lukewarm water, not hot. Hot water will irritate the sores. Salt is very healing - this is why body wounds are irrigated with saline and oftentimes packed with saline-moistened gauze. Anyhow, I've never found the Chloroseptic sprays to work well they only numb the areas for a very short period of time and they make my mouth burn. Call your doctor and ask him for an RX for the oral lidocaine. If you are able to get some, remember to use it as a mouth rinse - don't swallow it or it can make you sick.

Don't smoke at all if you can help it! Smoking will aggrivate these ulcers and prolong your recovery. Don't eat or drink acidic or citris type of foods. Eat yogurt! Yogurt contains live bacteria that may strengthens a body's ability to fight disease. Ice cream, applesauce, popcicles are a few other good things to eat.

You can take Tylenol with Codeine 2 tabs every three hours. Mostly, you just need time for the antibiotic to kick in. I know EXACTLY how you are feeling. I remember sitting in my kitchen, not being able to eat, drink or anything, with tears running down my cheeks. You can't even talk right when your mouth hurts like that! I feel so sorry for you! I sure hope you will feel better soon!