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First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Are you 43??? Just a guess. I am. I have severe post nasal drip and severe allergies, and sinusitis, and acid reflux, and PANIC - ANXIETY disorder!!! It is horrible. Anytime something happens that I have never felt before, like the other night the acid in my throat, I have a melt down, anxiety attack that seems like I will never recover. I was up ALL night on Saturday wondering what was wrong with my throat. My husband had that cough you are talking about. It seemed like he was going to choke to death. NOT KIDDING. It scared me. He didn't even go to the doctor. Crazy. I think it was the croup. I think the codeine will help you. Don't drink any dairy!! That will make it worse. I think you and I have talked before. I will pray for you!! Try to calm down. This will pass!!! It's probably nothing serious. I wonder if it the changing season with all the ragweed and different allergans. The histamines are the worse this year than ever. I have never had allergies this bad. You are not alone. Try and feel better !! Take care......Happy B-day again!! :-)

Are you taking the cough medicine on an empty stomach? The codeine will eat it alive. Try taking the medication with something light to eat.

I had a cough last year that really choked me and I started sucking on a particular brand of cough drops--I know that I canot mention the brand here, however I will describe the commercial for you---swiss alps, little man blowing threw a very large sheep herder horn. The product name begins with the letter R. These cough drops really helped. I bought the lemon/mint kind.

Feel better and Happy Belated Birthday--mine is Monday!!!!
HI Shisslak! Thanks for your reply! I will go pick up the product from the Swiss Alps today! Thanks! I have never tried those. And I did take the codeine cough syrup with something to eat within minutes. Perhaps I should let the food be down there for 15 mins or longer first? I don't know but the last 2 nights I fall asleep nauseated. But THANK GOD!! the cough syrup does cut the cough for me. I have never been through such a nagging cough like this. I am actually scared to leave the house now. I am in my room for the day where it is nice and warm and I stay calm. When I get out in the cool air it starts me coughing. We may have our first snow here tonight.

Somehow....I have a combination of things happening here...lingering allergies...a possible lingering sinus infection...and slight acid reflux flaring up. How do I treat it all carefully and properly. I feel like I am falling apart and I just want to live in a bubble until I heal up. Am I crazy??:confused: