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Please Help!
My son is 16 and currently admitted for psychotic disorders. The doctor put him on rspiradal(sp) before. It worked before and he was out of the hospital for a month. Then it came back severely.

For the past 2 years my son used to tell me that he was stressed up and that he wanted to take time off school. Guess, I wasn’t listening. We saw his pediatrician and he said he was going through the developmental stages.

Respiradal appears not to be working this time and the doctor is now combining Haldol, zyprexa, cogentin and Klonopin. He replaced respiradal with zyprexa. When he added klonopin, I see some improvements and the doctor tells me that he wants to put him on another medication that needs close monitoring or death may result. I don’t know what to do. Please help me. Can stress or anxiety cause psychotic behavior? He has been on the meds for seven weeks. I believe the doctor should focus on stress treatment for now. What do you think? Please email me at [removed]. I am meeting with the Doctor tomorrow.

P/S: His disorganized and confused too.