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Hi. My name is David Blackmore. I've just joined this list to talk to other people on geodon. I just started taking it march 2004 after having a bad experience with zyprexa. I'm 23 years old. I've felt some depressive feelings during my time at college and also post college. I've found it difficult maintaining jobs and friendships because of it.

I've had mixed experience with geodon so far. Sometimes it makes me feel happier than normal but often i get upset and anxietous that i'm actually taking this type of medication. Only a few of my close friends know that i'm taking it and my mother. Once when i took without cogentin i actually had trouble walking. It was quite awful. But that hasn't happened again.

My psychiatrist has told me to stick with it because it will make me feel better in the long run. I hope he's correct. I do believe his opinion.

I think my depression is mostly due to feelings of isolation. I really like doing my 'own thing'. I find it difficult sometimes opening up to people and that was especially the case when i was living with my parents again. I just did practically what i wanted all the time (i.e. walking around london by myself)...going to restaurants and cafes by myself as well.

hope to hear from others who are taking it.