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when i was on abilify, i developed eps. took cogentin, no problems.

but, i am left with a strong urge to move at all times. i twirl my hair, twiddle my thumbs and bounce my legs and toes. if i am not doing one thing, i will surely do another.

akasthesia? (sp?) if so, then the cogentin should have fixed that.

my pdoc says to yell stop in my head every time i notice i am doing it. don't think that will help, but haven't really tried too hard.

sound like anything else? just nervous habits? but i am not anxious. never happened before abilify.

thank you for your help!
What is "EPS"? I just began taking abilify and cogentin, as I finally stopped self medicating with alcohol long enough to admit that I am a rapid-cycling bipolar.

I went back to dr. after a week on abilify complaining of high anxiety and he's added seroquel to the treatment.

These meds have some scary side-effects, based on what I've read so far.