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What is the difference between Trifolon and Etrafon? I know Etrafon has an antidepressant plus antianxiety medication in it. My regular doctor does NOT want me on a tricyclic but my psychiatrist says there's no problem with it especially since I've proven I cannot take the newer seritonins. I hate having to take medications to make me feel ok in the first place but I know I don't have a choice. Thank goodness for these medications because I can't imagine my life if I had to feel sooooooo depressed and anxious all the time!

Hi Cat--Etrafon has Amitriptylene (tricyclic antidepressant) and Trilafon (perphe****ne) which is an older anti-psychotic but also used for agitation and anxiety, but was also used for chronic hiccups! I took Trilafon with Desipramine and Klonopin about 15 years ago before Paxil came out and it was a good combo. I almost died getting off of Klonopin, though--long story--but the one thing that the tricyclic-perphe****ne combo did was to help a jumpy stomach. I found it gave me a better quality of life because I was emotionally paralyzed from major depression and severe anxiety. You have to be careful though, if you start to show signs of an extrapyramidal disorder--almost like Parkinsonism. Just tell the Pdoc to give you either Cogentin or Benadryl. I hate to take meds, too, but it's still better than being despondent.:eek: