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My note on the Lithium question is that for me it was not the great drug for it simply left me in a depressed state all the time though I was taking it over twenty some years ago. I had side affects but not many and the cogentin they gave me took of the side affects. For some it really does some great things and for a very few my pdoc said it leaves them in a slightly depressed state that is consistent rather then being severe other then it was a severe pain the butt. The blood work up each month wasn't that much of a big deal. I think I would mention that with that drug I did gain sixty pounds but not sure it was the drug or me. Or a combination of the two and the other med i was on. Yeap I drank tons of water it seemed it was all I wanted.

Other then that what can it hurt to try it? Do your homework on it and see what you think.