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to michlisa....I don't know how it happened but your post got in under my name.....anyway, I am experiencing the same things as you. for the past week I have had severe burning through my entire stomach area from throat to groin. Belching like crazy. Scared the devil out of me last night as when I went to bed my entire throat just burned terrible but not like a sore throat when you swallow. My ears burn and hurt too. I have been told to stay on a liquid diet.....good way to lose weight........but even water seems to make my chest burn. I too was doing very well and this started Fri night very suddenly. I take Prevacid solu tab which I feel does not work near as well as the capsule. I also keep Levbid on hand for spasms of the bowel and Carafate to coat the stomach and Colestid when my diarrhea gets bad. I also have fibromyalgia. I know how you feel....I get so frustrated. I am really concerned that this is heart related, that is what scares me so bad. Oh, and I just started yesterday with the mouth burning.