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My DH was diagnosed with acid reflux a few yrs ago. Perscribed Reglan for a while. Ended up having gallbladder out which helped. That started liver overproduction of bile so now he takes Colestid. He's also on alot of other pain meds for severe back condition.
Anyhow, off and on - and now REALLY on - he will start to eat and then choke. Says like with something dry getting stuck in his throat and his throat closing up. He ends up regurgitating it up. Starts with hiccoughs after first bite, then within the next few bites - wham-o. He's in the bathroom. (Oh so pleasant). BTW- he's 62. It's very frustrating esp for him because he doesn't know why this is happening. Everything I search in the web leads me back to GERD. My own observations though (and this may sound harsh) - he drinks soda (fizz starts first hiccough), then he is so hungry because he doesn't eat during the day - he rushes his food, takes bigger bites than he should, doesn't chew properly, talks with food in his mouth, watches tv while eating instead of paying attention to what he's doing. Of course, if I tell him any of this - I'm WRONG and HORRIBLE. I know I sound awful and picky and I'm by know means perfect - but it's all I'm seeing night after night after night..... (and he won't go to a doctor because he's just got through a bout with kidney stones and is whipped from that).
Any suggestions?