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Hey Otter, Forutunately this is covered in my Contract. It's also rinted on the back of every prescription I recieve from my PM doc. Along with the usual info about using only as prescribed on the back of every prescription I recieve, it does say If you have a surgical procedure or dental procedure Do not use your PM medication to treat this pain Obtain a prescription from the surgeon or treating physician and contact the PM center to let them know what procedure has been done and what med has been prescribed.

The often use script pads to write changes in treatmment plans so I keep an old one in my wallet. When I started with my dentist, I explained my CP situation and showed him what was printed on the back of each prescription. He made a copy and put it in my chart. I had a tooth extracted last year and he prescribed Vicodin and I called my clinic and informed them. I also pointed this out to the pharmacist when filling the script for Vicodin.

Contracts should be for the benefit of both the doc and the patient. Not just to inform the patient of the consequneces of screwing up.

IN fact the way my contract is worded it only sayss not to see or obtain prescription for the condition you are being treated for. If I had a kidney stone, I wouldn't go to my PM doc, I would go to my GP or Urologist and be treated by them, My PM doc has nothing to do with my kidneys or if I break a leg or have a car accident I would need additional meds and smply notify my PM doc about any medsdds prescribed.

The meds prescribed by my PM are to manage my back pain, that's it. If I use up my BT meds treating inncedental pain like a tooth extraction, I would run out early and simply have to do without and very likely have to explain why I ran out early at a monthly DEA apt where I'm simply picking up scripts and dates on fills are checked and pills are being counted. They check fill dates and count pills at every monthly ap, there is no such thing as an early ffill or non compliance if I want to remain a patient.

MY PM clinic covers the bases, Demands absolute compliance to the 30th day on every script, but also aren't so rediulous to think Sh## doesn't happen. You may want to make a suggestion to your doc or clinic to add to your contract to let all patients know what to do should something like this arise. Your PM meds are not intended to manage pain in that kind of scenario and the treating phsysican or doc should be able to treat whatever pain is caused by an accident or surgery without fear of looking like he's giving meds to someone that may be doc shopping.

When I do need something I would always explain this and also be sure to request a different med from that which your doc is prescribing. It does look funny to have two diferent docs prescribing percs, If your taking the 5 mg percs a 10 mg Norco is just as strong or perhaps try Vicoprofen or the new Oxy /Ibuprofen combination called "Combunox" . A different med won't be questioned by your insurance company, which is another area you may run into problems even if your docs aprove.

Your insurance may not pay for the another script for the same med with the same directions due to the day supply calculated on the previous script. Demerol or even percocet in a different strength would be seen as a different med than the one your PM prescribes. So there are choices aside from the percocet your PM doc prescribes.

Sorry you had to go through something so unnecessary.

Good luck, Dave