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I am so sorry. I don' t know. I wonder if I made the right decision, these days. I just got back from Gainesville. Having some issues. Dr. D says mechanically, I am ok. The joints look fine.

But, I am not feeling fine, at all. I can't even touch the right side of my face. I can't blowdry my hair. The pain is searing. I went back to work. All I do is cry. I was denied SSD because I was told my condition doesn't warrant it.

My work now wants me to work 5 days a week. And, I don't really mind the work. It's really not about that. I am just so tired. And, I am in so much pain.

I don't sleep. I am now on Combunox, because the morphine patch was doing strange things to me...beyond throwing up.

I am trying to be positive. I can eat, almost almost normal food. And, my opening is 38-39mm. Great, huh?

I just feel like I am falling a part. I forget things. I forget I write things. It hurts so bad. And, people just do not get it.

All I want is to be me again. That's all. And, since the joint is fine, I may be facing this pain the rest of my life. And, I do not know how to do it. It doesn't break. It doesn't give me a moment's peace. And, I can not do my job the way I expect.

I am sorry for disappearing. I hope you are doing ok.

I just don't know what to do. Dr. D said, today, "Don't get discouraged". I think I am already there. I wonder if the pain will ever be at a manageable level...I am ready to accept that it won't ever go away. I just want to have a normal night's sleep. I just want to feel like me. And, I wish I had the answers.

I am trying so hard to hang in there. Just trying, hard, to take it day by day.

Dr. D. didn't really release me for work; but, he didn't say I couldn't go back. The difficult thing about my job is that I am a college professor who talks, and boy do I talk alot. I didn't have money coming in for 3 months. So, I was actually forced back to work for financial reasons.

I actually slept a little last night. Dr. A. (one of the residents) gave me some flexoril. I took one, to no avail. So, as the doc said, I could take another. I am still a little groggy at this point, 7pm. So, I do not think I will take two...again.

I am grateful my implants look alright. Really, I am. I think my issues is as follows. If it was something that required surgery, it could be fixsed. But, not knowing is what makes me angry. I don't think it is muscular because it didn't break with the flexoril. I was just tired.

So, I am left with a lot of questions. How do I live with this kind of pain? People don't get it. But, hey, either do I. I am petrified at the fact I may need to deal with this, forever.

As with the SSD, I am going to try again.

My lawsuit is well..in limbo. Because, I have to wait until I am at MMI...maximum medical improvement. And, from what I gather that could take months.

I am just exhausted. Mentally and physically. This may never end, for me. And, there is really not much more that can be done.

Both the Fentanyl and Duregisic were too much for me. Since the surgery, I basically went 'crazy' on those two. And, it was just too much..besides the vomitting.

The combunox helps, a little. So, I just have to be patient.

I just want an answer, you know. This unknown is driving me mad. And, close to a breakdown. I guess its' because I did have a normal life, as much as can be normal. Those 11 years were great. And, now, I wonder if I'll ever regain my standard of living..