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Again, thank you guys for your thoughts.
Last night, I spent 2 1/2 hours crying. In my mind, I just wanted to give up...though, that shouldn't even be a thought.

I have been on narcotics, for about a year and a half. Tylox, Combunox, Roxicet, Morphine, and the Fentanyl pain patch..to name a few.

My ins. company didn't want to pay for the combunox...they told me I needed to be involved in step therapy. For me, that meant taking Oxycontin. My pain mgmt. doc told me he would prescribe it. I told him no...for obvious reasons... too many people have horror stories about that drug...the worst ones...they broke into pharmacies to get it.

The pain killers help....just a little. I've been passing out from the pain. No seizure disorder...just my autonomic nervous system trying to protect itself......

Ir's just hard to fet through each day, lately. I feel like a failure, at work. I used to be such an independent go-getter. Now, well, I feel horrible because I just can't do things I used to.

There's just so much I feel I am losing. And, I wonder what future I can have with this...I would learn to deal with the ROM, the lack of opening...if this pain would just lessen.

But, at least at this moment, I don't think it will.

So, I am just trying to hang in there......

Pain mgmt. is doing all they can. My surgeon has dismissed me...And, I received medical records that indicate this,
"Significant final impairment."

Today, I just wish I could get those words out of my head.

And to top it al off, my family is being their normal selves...I emailed my brother, who happens to be a doctor...His comments, Oh, that's why you have doctors, Good Luck.

Great , huh?

Beyond this TMJ mess, it's hard not to feel alone and to feel like I am a burden on people. Because, I realize, that since this TJ Replacement, I may never be the same again.

Eh, just the 'normal' angst. :)

I hope all is well with you all,