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Well, almost there. I have been getting weekly B-12 shots with cortisone from my GP. They help a lot for a few days but I have to discontinue the cortisone because it's a very short-term fix. But, he said he approves me for daily B-12 shots at home if my neuro agrees. I go back to the neuro next Friday and I am really hoping he approves. I think he will because the GP explained how safe they are and explained more of how they help pn. He thinks if I can take them daily, they will really help.

I noticed on my way in the office that I am walking really funny now. One foot is so numb I can't tell how I'm stepping and the other is so painful. I now look like a drunk Charlie Chaplin. But after the shot, I saw that I was walking almost normally.

The GP also said he wants me to use the Combunox when the pain is severe and not just wait until it is unbearable. I have been hesitant because of all the complications of narc use but the GP said he doesn't feel I will have problems so I need to be more willing to control the pain with this med. They do help and they don't make me sleepy so I guess I just needed someone to tell me it's okay.

I am just so grateful I have 2 docs who are really caring and knowlegable. That makes coping with this condition so much easier.

Some days are bad having to deal with this but today was a day that made me think there is a true possibility that I can reduce the discomfort to a point where every day will not be too bad.

Hi Harry,

I did have the LP, MRIs, EMG/NCV, etc. Only the EMG and NCV are abnormal and the only blood work that was abnormal was a slightly decreased sodium level and a slightly decreased H and H, both of which I have had for years. The H and H goes back up quickly with increased iron intake. I also had a culture done for the CMV and I still have this virus but dormant. CMV is a virus related to the herpes viruses such as chicken pox and shingles. I had two full blown viruses once when I was 20 and again at 22.

I have low blood pressure and have had that all my life. It never bothers me and is just normal for me just as some have slightly lower body temps. I also have a low cholestrol level (again routine for me) which is good but surprises me because at one time I ate a lot of ice cream, eggs and bacon, pizza, etc. Just goes to show you that it is true your cholestrol markers are set at birth. Otherwise, everything is normal and I don't have any predispostions to family conditions.

I was getting much better with the pn, then it suddenly got worse again and spread completely to the other foot and up one leg to mid shin level. It's back to being just in the feet again but those feet! If I was an animal I probably would have chewed them off by now. LOL

I go back to the nuero next Friday and I'm anxiious to see what he says. He had told me he has more options for treatments so not to worry. I also hope he approves the shots as they really do help. I use biofeedback to try and control the pain along with the meds, diet, exercise, and supplements but there are times when none of these work and I am back to having some really bad days again. But I am still very hopeful. I have great doctors and they really want to help me with the pain. The Combunox does make a difference too. I hate to think I will have to take them the rest of my life but I doubt that happens. I am still very optimistic and I know that this may happen again where the treatments stop being effective and I have to try something else. New treatments are being developed all the time.

I have decided to redirect my thoughts to improving other things about my appearance. Such as I finally went and got a good haircut. Next, I want to get Lumineers on 4 top teeth. They're slightly crooked and I never liked the way they look. I think this will help boost my morale. Plus I am planning trips I want to take. Savannah GA in Sept and Germany in Dec. Just typing this releases lots of endorphins!

Our only child leaves for college in a few weeks and my husband's job requires him to be out of town a lot now, so I have some life changes to deal with, too. It's very important to keep my mental status healthy.

I'm now adding Neuropathy Reserach to my list of charities to give to! LOL