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Yay! I got the approval to give the B-12 shots myself at home. This is such a relief to me. Not only do they help the pain so much but now I can eliminate one weekly appt. I get so tired of going to appts and for tests.

The neurologist was not exactly for the B-12. He said there is no medical reason why it would help and that B-12 is water soluble so that once my body has the amount it needs, the rest will be peed out. He was not for it but said he wouldn't go against it.

However, my GP said that many times in his career, he has seen something help when it wasn't developed for that purpose. His philosophy is, if the patient says it helps and it doesn't cause any harm, then there is no reason to refuse the patient that treatment. So I got my Rx for the shots. I gave my first one myself today. Something that used to take at least an hour and a half out of my week, now takes about 3 minutes.

My GP said to go ahead and try it twice a week or even 3 times a week if it helps that much. He said it is so safe that taking one every day won't harm me. One shot usually works for 2-3 days so I will see if taking more shots will mean having more days of very little pain. The pain that is left is very easy to live with. If I take one Combunox in the morning, then the shot, I am left with so little pain, it's not worth mentioning. Can you believe it??? To be rid of this pain for one day feels like a holiday.

Thanks to Harry (6foot3) who suggested B-12 in the first place! It really makes a difference and I don't care why or if most of it is being elminated from my body. There is a very real reason why it works and I think more research should focus on this. To have relief from this pain is so important to those of us who suffer. We don't want more narcotics or more fuzzy-headed medicine, we just want the pain to stop. Along with treatment for the condition to stop progression and to heal damaged nerves, of course. But the pain is what gets in the way of healing and affects us both physically and mentally. Pain affects your whole body and mind.

I urge anyone who has pn to try the B-12 with your doctor's permission. You may run up against the feelings that my neuro has but as it is harmless, maybe your Dr will be willing to give it a try. It may not work for everyone like it has for me, but we are all at the point where anything is worth trying if it might help this pain and I posted this in the hopes that someone else might find relief.

Hi Director!

Yes, of course, I do remember you though I was not aware of your conditions.

I tried the sublingual but they don't seem to have the same effect on me as the injections and I don't really understand why. However, I'm not one to look a safe gift horse...

I can now inject 1,000mcg (1 cc) a week though my GP said I can increase that to 2-3 times a week if I need. My GP even said that he would approve daily injections if it came to that.

It has a two-fold benefit for me. It reduces the pain significantly and it also counter-acts the effects of the Lyrica. With the injections, the Lyrica, an occas. Combunox, and diet modification plus supplements (that 6foot3 suggested), I can be pain free enough to continue working and performing my daily routine. This is after suffering periods of excruiating pain. I'm sure you know how this makes me feel.

I don't know how long this will work but I don't think in those terms. Every day is one to get through the best I can and to be grateful.